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Using influence in your consulting business

C-Cubed Influence: A simple and powerful influence blueprint.

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  using power poses

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Why use our Influence Model

We believe that influence is one of the most overlooked skills in business today.  But we would argue that it is also one of the most critical ones. The ability to influence you customers to buy from you, your colleagues to support you and your employees to do what you need to meet your goals is the difference between failure and success.  

According to John C Maxwell, author and speaker on leadership: “Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Influence is a pre-requisite for leadership and its impact cannot be over-estimated.  It underpins everything that you do in business.  Highly effective and confident influencers and communicators are not born, they are created.  And you too can learn to be a powerful influencer and give yourself the edge over others in your space.

Click on the triangle below to find out how our unique C3 Model of Influencing™  can help you.

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As a trainer with 20 years’ experience I am always eager to discover new models and ideas. I have found the C-Cubed Model a refreshing and powerful way of examining and developing influence. Its power is in its simplicity and the uncommon sense approach the authors take to explaining the component parts, how they can build influence when used together and with multiple applications in selling, presenting, training, negotiating etc. Excellent work

C Spalding(Amazon 5 star review)

Wow! The talk was engaging, inspiring and very useful for anyone that interacts with another human-being. There were several tips and techniques to help with presentations, both pre (calming and putting yourself into a positive state/mindset) and during the presentation (connecting with or getting credibility from your audience). Tom and Jerry really know their stuff and get it across in relaxed, enjoyable, informative and engaging style.


I am quite happy to say publically that this was the most useful and practical session I have ever attended in my many years here. I have received the same feedback from a number of colleagues who attended. We will all religiously be raising our hands to the heavens before presenting before our clients.

Senior Partner, Law Firm

Thanks for running a terrific session yesterday – the feedback and reaction from everyone in the room was incredibly positive and it was definitely one of the highlights of what was a highly successful Conference. Always a pleasure to work with you.

Director of Global Talent Management

Your C-Cubed Influence presentation was the highest rated we have had! It was a perfect score of 10 x 5 star reviews!

Matt Kendall, Organiser, Interesting Talks