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Influence can set you apart from other trainers

How to set yourself apart from other trainers

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In a field where reputation and recommendation are the usual vehicles for finding new clients, how can you stand out and be memorable when everyone is doing the same things?

If you are just starting out and aren’t sure what area it is best to specialise in, or if you are a generalist or perhaps work as an Associate and enjoy a wide range and variety of work across a broad range of areas, then differentiating yourself from other trainers and training businesses can be challenging.

You might be active on LinkedIn, be blogging, or have joined various forums in order to raise your profile.  You may be creating and sharing ‘expert’ content or have written an ebook in order to attract potential clients to you.  But the problem is everyone is else is doing this too.

If you want to be taken seriously, be highly credible and be someone that people seek out and recommend to their network then the difference that makes the difference is to be a highly effective influencer.

What does it take to influence?

By this we don’t mean positioning yourself as a thought-leader in your niche, or seek public speaking gigs to prove you are an expert.  It simply means learning the verbal and visual clues that will allow you to influence someone at a subconscious level.

According to the research of Professor Albert Mehrabian (Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UCLA) approximately 55% of communication is from body language, 38% from voice tone and only 7% from our actual words.  So it’s not what you say it’s how you say it!

Based on research

We created our Influence Model when we were modelling and researching high performers in the sales industry.  We have since added to our research in other industries, and we believe that learning how to influence is THE most critical skill in today’s business environment.  Our Model is powerful because it looks at what sits behind the emotional buying decisions that people make.  And people tend to buy emotionally and then justify logically.

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Our Influence Model

Our simple Influence Model distils the three essential elements that must be in place to influence – confidence, credibility and connection, and if all three are present you will exponentially increase your ability to successfully influence someone.  If you have the knowledge but don’t communicate it in a confident way then it undermines what you are saying.  If you are confident but you haven’t built a connection and rapport with the person you are trying to influence then you won’t be successful.  If you have a good connection but are too friendly and smiley it may damage your credibility.

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Whilst we are all strong in some of these three areas our weaknesses can let us down, meaning that we can miss opportunities because we haven’t been able to influence effectively.

Influencing without authority

As a trainer or business coach you deal with people at all levels of the organisation, and often you are trying to influence without authority.  You may be pitching for a new piece of work, working with a group who are not terribly excited to be undertaking some training, or networking with a group of potential clients.

Whatever the situation, you can learn how to be influential.  You can learn techniques to appear confident on the surface even if you are feeling out of your depth.  You can demonstrate the body language of credible in order to give your words more weight in a pitching situation or in a training session.  You can find a way to connect with someone even if you clearly would not be dealing with them through choice!

What impact would it have on your business if you could network with ease and confidence, if you could come way from first meetings knowing you had made a really strong impression, or if you could resolve any client misunderstandings knowing it would strengthen your relationship rather than weaken it?

Influence is an easily learnable skill

The really good news is that influence is an easily learnable skill that can set you apart from others in your space. It all starts with awareness and mindset and our Key Principles infographic  gives you more details.

We believe the ability to influence effectively is a critical skill in any business today.  If you are serious about building a strong sustainable coaching or training business then contact us to find out more about our programmes or just to have a chat to find out  how we can help you.

“We believe the ability to influence effectively is a critical skill in any business today.”  Tweet this