Using Influence in your Consulting Business

When we developed The C3 Model of Influencing™ we took a strategic decision to apply and test it ourselves in our consulting businesses. There were key turning points for us along our journey where we had an influencing situation that was crucial to our success – what we call a ‘high stakes influencing situation’ – and our Model helped us to focus on the key factors that would make us more persuasive and get us the outcome we wanted.

By implementing the key principles of C-cubed influence we have been able to ensure that each of the key turning points in our business journey has led to further success, and this has ultimately enabled us to double the size of both our businesses.  By thinking about how we can better influence in face to face situations we have won more consulting work by having more impact in our first meetings.

We are proof that our powerful influencing blueprint can impact the bottom line and can help you to grow your business.

Here is the basic concept of our Model:

How you are Perceived

Credibility and reputation are fundamental to what you do as business trainers in your consulting work.  How you position yourself and how you are perceived by both your clients AND your participants can spell great success and a healthy and exciting business … or mediocre achievement and a stagnant business.

We believe influence is essential in the business training process.  If you want to create sustainable change in behaviour you need to influence participants to buy into a new way of thinking, new methods or new actions, and gain commitment through using positive communication.  To do this you need high credibility and likeability and to be confident and comfortable in your skin.

Be seen as an Expert

We used C-cubed influence when we launch our careers as authors and speakers.  Without a doubt the core principles helped us to win our first book commission which has since led to 3 more books, and these are a great way to demonstrate our expertise to new clients.

The skill of Influencing is Easy to Learn

The simplicity of our Model ensures that influence is a highly learnable skilled.  If you can develop your self-awareness, are adaptable and ready to collaborate then we can teach you:

  • How to work at the edge of discomfort to move to a higher level of performance
  • How to build your surface and deep confidence
  • How to build your credibility by using the body language, voice tone and speech patterns
  • How to raised your awareness to identify ‘credibles’ or ‘connectors’
  • How to adapt your approach to match communication styles
  • How to build faster and deeper connections with potential clients
  • How to create more ‘trusted advisor’ business relationships to secure your business.

Find out how you can learn to use this powerful influence blueprint in your consulting business.

How C-cubed influence can help you

Diagram - how influence benefits your consulting business - Feb 2016

Your work – deliver your best

have the confidence to bring challenge, knowing that clients will listen to you
achieve full buy-in so that you can shape opinion, inspire action and achieve results
boost your professional impact with more gravitas
deliver more effective training to achieve greater results
influence stakeholders regardless of their position in the organisation

Your clients – build better relationships

increase client loyalty and build lasting business relationships
become a trusted advisor to be awarded more and better work
have more impact when delivering training to give better results for the client
have more engaged clients and get more work satisfaction
receive more positive feedback from clients
being paid what you are worth boosts your self-esteem and confidence

Your business – grow it with more referrals/new clients

attract new clients to your consulting business by building your reputation as a key person of influence
be more successful when pitching for new business or in first meetings
get more recommendations to give you better quality clients
become a skilled influencer to stand out from others in your space
remember, most people don’t like being sold to but everyone is open to influence

Your fees – charge what you are worth

have a solid pipeline of new clients so that you can raise your fees
be in demand to improve your reputation and your credibility
higher paying clients already understand the value of what you offer
higher fees allow you to give more of yourself and your time to deliver your best work
higher paying clients are more committed to the desired outcome
higher fees give you access to more rewarding work

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As a trainer with 20 years' experience I am always eager to discover new models and ideas. I have found the C-Cubed Model a refreshing and powerful way of examining and developing influence. Its power is in its simplicity and the uncommon sense approach the authors take to explaining the component parts, how they can build influence when used together and with multiple applications in selling, presenting, training, negotiating etc. Excellent work!

5 star Amazon Review

This was an excellent presentation on many levels (e.g. pace, audience engagement, quality of knowledge imparted), especially in consideration of the time limitation. I would definitely spend another 2hrs 30mins to listen to Tom again.


Brilliant…. They are a great team. Really useful stuff to put into effect right away. Well worth the time spent.

M Walker-Wilson

It was an amazing day. I learned so much. I wish everyone could gain the knowledge I have gained so far. It's an unbelievable experience!

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