Why this book:  The C3 Model of Influencing™ Field Guide?

We wrote this book because we wanted to share the practical application of influencing skills.  Whilst there are many books on the topic of influence, we felt there was a lack of advice about applying theories in the work environment and showing you how to actually BE influential.

Why now?

We believe influencing is currently the most under-valued skill in the workplace.  There are very few things more fundamental to success today than the ability to influence effectively, whether it is your clients, your team, your peers or those in authority.

Yet it’s strange how so many people have limiting beliefs about their own ability to influence. Experience shows us that anyone can improve their ability to influence as long as they are self-aware and willing to learn what it takes.  We believe influencing is the most important, highly learnable and very valuable skill to add you your toolkit.

We wrote the award winning Field Guide to teach you The C3 Model of Influencing™, our powerful blueprint for influencing in any situation.  In it we have identify the foundations of effective influencing: confidence, credibility and connection.  By developing your skills in ALL these areas you will greatly enhance your ability to influence, to inspire, to motivate, engage and collaborate successfully.

The Field Guide is supported by our online video series, and both take you through a number of exercises and teach you the blueprint that we have developed and tested around the world.  If you follow the blueprint you WILL become more influential, leading to more successful outcomes in whatever area you work.

The Field Guide is available on Amazon, or can be ordered along with the online video here.

The C3 model influence field guide - front cover of book with London Book Festival award on it

An amazing piece of work! This book goes into detail about the Confidence/Credibility/Connector model which you might be familiar with if you've read "Brilliant Selling"

J Werner (Amazon 5 star review)

Highly recommended! Very relevant and easy to apply knowledge in your business or professional life.

A Belotti

They have worked very hard to get these 3 concepts of confidence, credibility and connection. I think we can understand those and we can apply them very readily today.

Neil MullarkeyBusiness Trainer & Coach, Actor, Comedy Store Player


Verified 5 star Amazon Review

Very readable, simple model with lots of practical activities and ideas to support.

Verified 5 star Amazon Review