Training in Influencing Skills

We regularly deliver Influencing skills training to organisations around the world and to a range of people from senior leaders to customer service teams.

Business today is fast-moving, collaborative and often matrixed and this requires the ability to influence using persuasion and without power and authority. 

Understanding how to positively influence to get buy-in from individuals and teams so that you can inspire, motivate or lead is becoming a fundamental skill.  We need to be able to better deal with conflict, with difficult conversations, with differing viewpoints and with managing change.

The good news is that influence is an easily learnable skill.  By developing our self-awareness, becoming adaptable in our communication style and being flexible in our body language, voice tone and pattern and words, we can ensure that we are a powerful and effective influencer.

You can access our influencing training in the formats below.  If you are interested in an in-house session, or in licensing our Model, please contact us.

The C3 Model of Influencing™ Field Guide

A powerful new blueprint to influence in any situation. Whether you are a leader, an entrepreneur, or want to make the most of your career, this award-winning e-book is a break through. Based on original research into the habits of highly successful individuals in a variety of business roles, this book brings together the key traits that are found in all effective influencers in the simple and easy to learn C3 Model of Influencing™.

This pragmatic guide focuses on behaviour rather than tactics, enabling you to improve your confidence, credibility and connection and so allowing you to influence more people more of the time for better outcomes. It gives you access the latest practical tools and exercises to get the results you want in both your professional and personal life. Award winner at the London Book Festival in 2015.

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The Field Guide - to support your influencing training

The C3 Model of Influencing™ online video series

Based on the C3 Model of Influencing™ concept, this video series takes you through the fundamentals of having C-cubed Influence.  It consists of 9 modules that teach the key principles of the Model, work through the 3 foundations of effective influencing of confidence, credibility and connection, and it explains how to become confident and credible by using the right behaviours, and how to build an instant connection with anyone you meet.

Tom and Jerry's Online video training series on how to influence

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The C3 Model of Influencing™ Field Guide

AND online video series

The Field Guide - training in influencing skills

Tom and Jerry's video training on influencing skills

Price: £199.00

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If you would like to find out more about our training, please do get in touch and Tom and Jerry would be very happy to have a chat…. Contact Tom and Jerry