Reviews of The C3 Model of Influencing™

Wow! The talk was engaging, inspiring and very useful for anyone that interacts with another human-being. There were several tips and techniques to help with presentations, both pre (calming and putting yourself into a positive state/mindset) and during the presentation (connecting with or getting credibility from your audience).  Tom and Jerry really know their stuff and get it across in relaxed, enjoyable, informative and engaging style. Hamed

Very readable, simple model with lots of practical activities and ideas to support A Armstrong (Amazon 5 star review)

Fun and informative talk from two polished professionals! Useful tips which I’ll be putting to good use at work! Thank you! Maria

Excellent talk. Thank you so much, Tom, for making it so informative and interesting. Lots of ideas to now put into practice. Alarna

How do they do that! Tom and Jerry’s presenting style looked effortless which meant I relaxed with them and could take in more. I came away with some real gems. Ray

This was a really great event. Took home some great tips and advice that I’ll be putting to practice today! Thanks very much for organising it. Claire

All of it was very useful. Personally, I found the sections on ‘body language’, handling questions and how to engage audience by developing an interesting voice (connector versus credibility) the most useful Partner in Law Firm

This was an excellent presentation on many levels (e.g. pace, audience engagement, quality of knowledge imparted), especially in consideration of the time limitation. I would definitely spend another 2hrs 30mins to listen to Tom again. Carole

Reviews of Tom and Jerry's presentation on the C3 Model of Influencing™ - Tom Bird
Your C-Cubed Influence presentation was the highest rated we have had! It was a perfect score of 10 x 5 star reviews! Matt Kendall, Organiser, Interesting Talks

As a trainer with 20 years’ experience I am always eager to discover new models and ideas. I have found the C-Cubed Model a refreshing and powerful way of examining and developing influence. Its power is in its simplicity and the uncommon sense approach the authors take to explaining the component parts, how they can build influence when used together and with multiple applications in selling, presenting, training, negotiating etc. Excellent work! C Spalding (Amazon 5 star review)

Highly recommended! Very relevant and easy to apply knowledge in your business or professional life. A Belotti

An amazing piece of work! This book goes into detail about the Confidence/Credibility/Connector model which you might be familiar with if you’ve read “Brilliant Selling” J Werner (Amazon 5 star review)

I would recommend this presentation, it’s a good afternoon John Belbin

Seriously enjoyed the talk by Tom and Jerry. Some very useful and practical tips, very funny and really interactive. I liked how simple their Influence model was explained and always remember to always ask what is important to people (values) in order to properly tailor your service to their needs – can’t wait for the next one! Leona

Brilliant. A great presentation. They are a great team. Really useful stuff to put into effect right away. Well worth the time spent. M Walker-Wilson

I feel it’s very valuable to people who are dealing with people on a day-to-day basis.  So I would recommend it Richard Woodbridge, The Flexible MD Ltd

Very informative and hugely beneficial from a personal perspective. Declan

They have worked very hard to get these 3 concepts of confidence, credibility and connection. I think we can understand those and we can apply them very readily today Neil Mullarkey – Business Trainer & Coach, Actor, Comedy Store Player

A wonderful wonderful talk! Tom and Jerry are excellent speakers, who are clearly passionate about and know their stuff very well, and they presented in a very graspable and fun manner. I started reading their book on the way home, and it took 4 stops for me to realise that I had taken the tube in the wrong direction. Oops! But it’s proof that the subject matter was incredibly engaging. Thank you Tom and Jerry for a greatly informative talk!! Lisa

Highly interesting and have picked up a few useful tips which will be very easy to remember. Easy to apply to both work and personal situations. Sharona

This was a really great event. Took home some great tips and advice that I’ll be putting to practice today! Thanks very much for organising it. Claire, Pivotal Tribes Meetup Group

Reviews of Tom and Jerry's C3 Model of Influencing™ presentation - Jerry Cassell

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It was an extremely useful and informative day. Please pass on my many thanks to the lecturer. I cannot express how privileged I feel to be receiving this high-level of teaching.

It was an amazing day. I learned so much. I wish everyone could gain the knowledge I have gained so far. It's an unbelievable experience!

Tom was brilliant. My only complaint would be not getting him back for another session.

Excellent day. My only suggestion would be to have Tom in for as many sessions as possible, he's a very engaging teacher and has a brilliant manner with people.